Modeling Portfolio

Do you know what is a modeling portfolio ?

It is a set of your modelling pictures shot by a fashion photographer in different outfits and poses to capture your various moods and expressions. Models should only have the quality pictures in their portfolio and should not worry about quantity! Usually 12-15 different pictures are sufficient.

Why do you need a modeling portfolio ?

A model's portfolio is what represents him/her in the modeling industry. It shows how the model looks in various attires and getups. It gives agency an idea about the suitability of a model for a particular assignment. Thus, it is very important that you get your portfolio done from an experienced fashion photographer / portfolio photographer who understands what agencies look for in a model portfolio.

Factors influencing cost of a modeling portfolio

Cost varies from photographer to photographer and also depends on various other factors. I have listed few below -
- Experience and name of the portfolio photographer in fashion / modeling industry.
- Number of different changes / looks you are getting shot in.
- Cost of makeup artist and hairstylist being hired.
- Cost of fashion stylist who gets the garments and fashion accessories for the shoot.
- Location of the shoot.
- Cost of post production work like editing of the pictures.
So, now you can see that creating a modeling portfolio requires a full professional fashion team.

Cost of professional modeling portfolio

Coming to the figures, a good professional portfolio with 5 garment changes (that is called looks) costs around Rs.40,000 to Rs.50,000 in Delhi and around Rs.60,000 in Mumbai and Bangalore as the cost of hiring the crew is more in these cities.

Rough break-up of cost for portfolio shoot in Delhi.
Photography + studio + equipment - Rs.25000
Makeup (for 5 changes) - Rs.5000 to Rs.7000
Hairstyling (for 5 looks) - Rs.5000 to Rs.7000
Fashion stylist (5 changes) - Rs.6000 to Rs.10,000
Editor for images (around 25 pics) - Rs.7000